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Any modern, forward-thinking company knows a salary on its own does not create a happy working environment. Employees will just come and go. 

We assist companies of all sizes to implement generous employee reward benefits that enhances morale, stimulates loyalty and achieves retention through a variety of health insurance solutions:

Group Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance is a tool to reduce interruptions to your daily business activities by facilitating employees to be consulted, diagnosed, treated and back to work as soon as possible! in return, employees feel valued by their firm, appreciating the investment in their wellbeing with the best healthcare money can buy. Consequently, your business will gain loyalty, reduced absentees and savings in expensive recruitment costs.

The role of Private Medical Insurance also gives your employees the freedom to:

  • Gain prompt medical treatment to relieve symptoms that affect their quality of life and work ethic.
  • Consider alternative treatment pathways that may be unavailable via the NHS (subject to NICE guidelines)
  • Recuperate in the privacy of their own room in a relaxed and caring environment.

Find out today how your employees can have quick access to leading healthcare and hospitals in the UK.

Group Life Assurance (Death-in-Service)

Group Life Assurance is still considered to only be available to big corporates. Today, companies as little as 3 employees can enhance their rewards package by insuring an employee’s salary in multiples or a fixed amount. It will then pay a lump-sum payment to an employee’s chosen beneficiaries in the event they die while employed.

The total premium will be tax deductible for the firm and does not have benefit in kind (P11d) consequences to the employee.

Envisage how your employees will feel knowing their family’s income is secure for a 4 year period if they die, in or out of work.

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Group Cash Plan

Cash plans have been proven to be extremely popular in recent years with both employers and employees. These inexpensive plans take care of unavoidable everyday healthcare expenses and encourage healthy living.

In today’s stagnant salary market, employees find their Cash Plan to have a direct and positive impact on their purchasing power. They really appreciate the tax-free cash for routine dental care, optical care, self-referred physiotherapy and alternative therapies (chiropractic/osteopathy/acupuncture/sports therapy), Indian Head Massages and Kinesiology for relaxation, Private GP fees and Prescriptions, corporate gym rates, discounted shopping vouchers and more.

Employers can also make further savings as the optical benefit can be used to off-set the cost of eye-tests for VDU operators.

Contact us and make Cash Plans a hit with your workforce too!

Group Dental Insurance

Historically we avoided the dentist because we feared the drill, nowadays we don’t go in fear of the bill!!

Unlike cash plans, dental policies are designed to fund more serious and expensive dental work such as Crowns, Bridges, Root Canal Treatments, Dentures, Inlays, Veneers and in some cases Dental Implants.

Find out how you can help your employees with the high cost of dental treatment.

Group Travel Insurance

If your employees travel for business and leisure more than twice a year, group Annual Travel insurance in most cases is very cost effective and avoids a Medical Declaration before each trip taken.

If you have large workforce travelling on business ,but not regularly, you can opt to purchase a number of travelling days. The advantage is it provides freedom to send any employee abroad within your total number of travelling days, without need to nominate specific employees at point of application.

Enquire today to see which Travel Insurance policy best suits your company.

Employees benefitting from these health and wellbeing benefits over time feel valued and appreciated, leading to a happy and motivated workforce ever more willing to achieve the company's goals and objectives, day-in, day-out.

Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is a success.
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